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Your Guide to SCUBA Diving in Monterey, CA

Monterey Scuba Board is your go-to resource for exploring the underwater wonders of Monterey, California. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just beginning your underwater adventure, our comprehensive guide has everything you need to make the most of your diving experience in one of the world’s most stunning dive destinations.

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Discover Monterey’s Top Dive Sites

Monterey offers a diverse range of dive sites, each with its unique charm and challenges. From the vibrant kelp forests of Point Lobos to the mysterious depths of the Monterey Submarine Canyon, our detailed descriptions and maps will help you find the perfect spot for your next dive. Learn about the site features, access points, and what to expect below the surface.

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Meet Monterey’s Marine Life

The waters of Monterey Bay are teeming with an incredible variety of marine life. Our guide introduces you to the fascinating creatures you’re likely to encounter, from colorful nudibranchs and elusive octopuses to charismatic fishes. Get to know the inhabitants of this rich ecosystem and enhance your diving experience by recognizing and understanding the wildlife around you.

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Stay Updated with Current Conditions

Before you dive, check out our real-time updates on Monterey’s weather and dive conditions. We provide the latest information on weather, swells, tides, and more, ensuring you have the best possible diving experience. Stay informed and plan your dives with confidence.