Lovers Point (Lover's #3, West Lover's Point)

Location: Ocean View Blvd., across from Latitudes Restaurant, Pacific Grove, CA.
Parking: Free 2-hour parking.
Experience Level: Advanced
Depth: 15-50ft
Entry: Sandy beach, many rocks

This is my favorite dive site inside Monterey Bay. The visibility is usually good, the life is diverse, and there are numerous reefs to enjoy. I list this as an advanced site because the beach is exposed to conditions, and a combination of waves and high tide turn the site into a rocky shore, making entry and exit difficult and hazardous. Observe conditions for some time before committing to this site, and only dive it if the waves remain small and the sandy beach remains exposed.

My favorite areas to dive are the small pinnacles beyond the large kelp canopies. These are marked by small growths of kelp, and are usually an easy surface swim. The depth out here is in the 40-50 foot range, so it's a great place to dive of you want to get below algae blooms.

For those looking for more of a challenge, you can navigate around the point to end your dive inside Lover's Cove. In my experience, the easiest way to navigate this dive is to head out until you reach 30-35 feet, and head east while following the depth contour. This will take you around the point, and eventually to the large sand channel inside the cove. Follow this sand channel to the beach inside Lover's Cove.


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