Black Surfperch

Black Surfperch

Embiotoca jacksoni

Physical Description

The Black Surfperch, scientifically known as Embiotoca jacksoni, is a deep-bodied fish that can grow up to 39 centimeters in length. Its body is characterized by a sepia coloration, adorned with dark brown vertical bars along its sides. Additionally, the base of its anal fin features a distinct blue hue, adding to its striking appearance.


Commonly found along the eastern Pacific coast, the Black Surfperch inhabits demersal zones over rocky substrates within kelp forests and adjacent sandy areas. These habitats provide ample shelter and foraging opportunities for the Black Surfperch, allowing them to thrive in these coastal ecosystems.

Geographical Range

The Black Surfperch’s range extends from northern California to northern Baja California, encompassing a significant portion of the eastern Pacific coast. Within this range, it occupies nearshore waters, where it can be observed darting among rocky crevices and foraging in sandy patches.

What They Eat

Feeding primarily on small prey items, the Black Surfperch employs specialized gill rakers to winnow food from clumps of algae. Its diet consists of a variety of crustaceans, mollusks, and other small invertebrates commonly found within its coastal habitat.