Pacific Electric Ray

Pacific Electric Ray

Triakis Semifasciata

Physical Description

The Pacific Electric Ray, known for its circular, flattened body and fleshy rounded tail, can grow up to 130 cm. Its dark gray color is adorned with distinctive black blotches.


Typically found in sandy or muddy coastal bottoms, the Pacific Electric Ray is cryptic, often buried during the day. At night, it swims above the seabed, hunting for prey.

Geographical Range

From British Columbia to Baja California, this species thrives along the eastern Pacific coast. It is most prevalent south of Point Conception.

What They Eat

Feeding on small fish and crustaceans, the Pacific Electric Ray employs its electrogenic abilities to stun and capture prey.

Physical Threat to Humans

While generally harmless unless provoked, the Pacific Electric Ray can deliver electric shocks of 50 volts or more if threatened.