Purple Jelly

Purple Jelly

Chrysaora colorata

Physical Description

The Purple Jelly, Chrysaora colorata, presents as a large medusa with a diameter of up to 70 cm. Its pale body is adorned with distinctive dark markings both on its bell and margin, adding to its unique appearance.

Habitat and Geographical Range

Found along the eastern Pacific coast, the Purple Jelly can be encountered offshore from kelp forests. While it can be common, it typically does not form large aggregations. Specimens encountered in these areas may often be damaged.

What They Eat and How They Breed

Purple Jellies primarily feed on plankton and small organisms, which they capture using their tentacles. They reproduce sexually, with males releasing sperm and females releasing eggs into the water for fertilization. The fertilized eggs develop into larvae, eventually maturing into adult jellyfish.

Physical Threat to Humans

Purple Jellies possess nematocysts capable of delivering an unpleasant sting. While encounters with this species are generally harmless, caution is advised as their stings can cause discomfort or irritation to humans.