Rainbow Nudibranch

Rainbow Nudibranch

Dendronotus iris

Physical Description

The Rainbow Nudibranch, scientifically known as Dendronotus iris, is a large dendronotid species, ranging from 60 to 300 mm in length. It features branched cerata and thick branched rhinophores. The coloration of this species typically ranges from red, but it can vary from white to gray or orange.

Habitat and Geographical Range

Sporadically common along the eastern Pacific coast, the Rainbow Nudibranch inhabits rocky or sandy substrates within its geographical range.

What They Eat and How They Breed

Dendronotus iris primarily feeds on the tentacles of the tube anemone Pachycerianthus. It reproduces by laying egg masses on the tube of its prey, likely following mating behaviors typical of nudibranchs.

Other Species