Hammerhead Doto

Hammerhead Doto

Doto amyra

Physical Description

The Hammerhead Doto, scientifically known as Doto amyra, features a translucent cream-white ground color with no dark pigment on its body. Its 5-8 opposite pairs of cerata bear numerous rather long, well-spaced tubercles arranged in 4-7 indistinct rings around each ceras. The cores of these tubercles vary from pale yellow to light pinkish-orange or orange-brown. Both the rhinophores and calyciform rhinophore sheath are adorned with numerous small, opaque white dots. Typically, individuals of this species measure about 8mm in length.

Habitat and Geographical Range

The Hammerhead Doto inhabits the eastern Pacific coast, where it can be found in various marine environments. It is often seen in rocky substrates and kelp forests.

What They Eat and How They Breed

Hammerhead Dotos are believed to feed on various prey, possibly including small invertebrates and algae. As part of their reproductive process, they likely engage in the exchange of sperm during mating. Eggs are then laid on suitable substrates, where they develop into larvae before hatching.

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