Red Dorid

Red Dorid

Rostanga pulchra

Physical Description

The Red Dorid, scientifically known as Rostanga pulchra, is a small dorid species, typically reaching sizes up to 10 mm. It displays a vibrant color range, usually appearing bright red, although it can vary from orange-yellow to scarlet. Occasionally, minute brown spots may be observed on its dorsum.

Habitat and Geographical Range

Common yet inconspicuous, the Red Dorid is often found along the eastern Pacific coast. It prefers habitats with red encrusting sponges, which serve as both food sources and sites for laying its spiral egg ribbons.

What They Eat and How They Breed

Rostanga pulchra feeds on red encrusting sponges. For reproduction, it lays its spiral egg ribbons on the same sponges it feeds on, utilizing them as both sustenance and breeding grounds.

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