Stearn's Aeolid

Scarlet-Tip Aeolis

Facelina stearnsi

Physical Description

Scarlet-Tip Aeolis, scientifically known as Facelina stearnsi, showcases a translucent clear body. Its cerata feature a broad orange to yellow terminal band, sometimes tipped with white. The upper portion of the lamellate rhinophores is also yellowish-orange, occasionally with a white tip. Both the oral tentacles and the tentacular anterior foot corners exhibit an orange midregion and a white tip. Moreover, the oral tentacles bear a white or cream line along the dorsal side, extending across the head to the base of the rhinophores. This line may display red, orange, or yellow pigmentation in some areas. Scarlet-Tip Aeolis typically grows to about 25mm in length.

Habitat and Geographical Range

Found along the eastern Pacific coast, Scarlet-Tip Aeolis inhabit marine environments suitable for their survival and reproduction.

What They Eat and How They Breed

Scarlet-Tip Aeolis likely consumes various marine organisms as part of its diet, although specific dietary preferences are not extensively documented. For reproduction, these creatures likely follow standard nudibranch reproductive patterns, laying eggs in gelatinous masses.

Other Species