Three Lined Aeolid

Three Lined Aeolid

Flabellina trilineata

Physical Description

The Three Lined Aeolid, scientifically known as Flabellina trilineata, is a seasonally abundant species found along the eastern Pacific coast, ranging from Baja California, Mexico, to Alaska. It typically grows to about 35mm in length. This aeolid features three distinct white lines running down its body, a characteristic from which it derives its name. Notably, the median line divides on the head, sending a branch along each oral tentacle. However, observations by Bruce Wight suggest that occasionally, these white lines may be absent.

Habitat and Geographical Range

Flabellina trilineata thrives in marine environments along the eastern Pacific coast, with its range extending from Baja California, Mexico, to Alaska.

What They Eat and How They Breed

This species primarily feeds on hydroid polyps, with a particular affinity for species such as Tubularia and Eudendrium californicum. For reproduction, Three Lined Aeolids likely engage in standard nudibranch breeding behavior, laying eggs in gelatinous masses.

Other Species