San Diego Dorid

San Diego Dorid

Diaulula sandiegensis

Physical Description

The San Diego Dorid, scientifically known as Diaulula sandiegensis, features an oval body ranging from 30 to 150 mm in size. Its coloration varies, appearing in shades of white, cream, or pale yellow, often adorned with paired irregular dark rings or spots arranged in two rows on its dorsum.

Habitat and Geographical Range

Diaulula sandiegensis is infrequently found on rocks along the eastern Pacific coast. It occupies habitats where it can access its preferred food source, sponges.

What They Eat and How They Breed

This species feeds on sponges. For reproduction, it likely follows patterns typical of dorid nudibranchs, laying eggs in gelatinous masses.

Similar Nudibranchs

There are several species of white dorid nudibranchs found in Monterey. For species often mistaken for the San Diego dorid, check out these links.

Other Species