Blue Top Snail

Blue Top Snail

Calliostoma ligatum

Physical Description

The Blue Top Snail, scientifically known as Calliostoma ligatum, features a conical and rounded shell measuring up to 25 mm in diameter. Its shell is characterized by a dark brown color with narrow tan or dark blue spiral lines. The head and foot of the Blue Top Snail are black. It coats its shell with a thin layer of slippery mucus using the posterior end of its foot.


Blue Top Snails are commonly found on rocks and red algae, particularly inhabiting the low intertidal zone to subtidal areas.

Geographical Range

This species is specifically found along the eastern Pacific coast, ranging from Alaska to Baja California, Mexico.


Blue Top Snails are omnivorous, but they primarily browse on sponges, bryozoans, compound ascidians, hydroids, and other sessile invertebrates rather than algae.

Other Species