Brown Turban Snail

Brown Turban Snail

Tegula brunnea

Physical Description

The Brown Turban Snail features a conical rounded shell that can grow up to 30 mm in size. Its shell is typically light brown but is usually encrusted with non-coralline red algae. The umbilicus is closed, and there is a low spiral ridge on the base that ends in a notch and tooth on the inner edge of the aperture. The foot of the snail is black with orange margins.


These snails are very abundant in kelp forest depths, often found on rocks, low-lying algae, and especially on giant kelp.

Geographical Range

The Brown Turban Snail is found from Cape Arago, Oregon, to the Channel Islands.


Brown Turban Snails are herbivorous, feeding on algae and other plant matter.

Other Species