Red Turban Snail

Red Turban Snail

Pomaulax gibberosa

Physical Description

The Red Turban Snail boasts a large, heavy conical shell measuring 25-60 mm. Its shell features beaded diagonal folds across the whorls, with a flat base adorned with spiral beaded cords. The shell is reddish-brown but often covered with algae and other invertebrates. The operculum is shiny white and porcelain-like. The head and foot of the snail are cream-colored with fine reticulating dark lines.


These snails are abundant but often inconspicuous, typically found on rocks adorned with algae and invertebrates.

Geographical Range

They are found along the eastern Pacific coast, ranging from British Columbia to Baja California.


Likely grazes on crustose coralline algae.

Other Species