Dirona picta

Colorful Dirona

Dirona picta

Physical Description

The Colorful Dirona, scientifically known as Dirona picta, exhibits a ground color ranging from light yellowish-brown to burnt umber, with occasional individuals appearing greenish. Its body may feature small pink and cream dots or dark brown, dull green, and yellow dots. Cerata are inflated and rather tuberculate, matching the color of the body, with a pale red spot on the outer side of each ceras, located about one third of the distance from the base. Rhinophores are irregularly perfoliate. Individuals of this species typically measure about 25mm in length, although some may exceed 40mm.

Habitat and Geographical Range

The Colorful Dirona is commonly found along the eastern Pacific coast, inhabiting various marine environments such as rocky substrates and kelp forests.

What They Eat and How They Breed

Colorful Dironas likely feed on a variety of prey, possibly including small invertebrates and algae. As hermaphrodites, they possess both male and female reproductive organs. Reproduction involves the exchange of sperm during mating, followed by the laying of eggs on suitable substrates, where they develop into larvae before hatching.

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