Coonstripe Shrimp

Coonstripe Shrimp

Pandalus gurneyi

Physical Description

The Coonstripe Shrimp, Pandalus gurneyi, is a decapod crustacean with a slender body and distinctive coonstripe pattern. Typically measuring around 7 to 10 centimeters in length, it has a translucent pink or reddish-orange coloration with dark stripes running along its body.

Habitat and Geographical Range

Found in the Monterey Bay area, Coonstripe Shrimp inhabit rocky or sandy substrates in shallow to moderately deep waters. They are commonly encountered along the Pacific coast of North America, from Alaska to California.

Diet and Reproduction

Coonstripe Shrimp are omnivorous scavengers, feeding on a variety of organic matter including detritus, algae, and small invertebrates. They reproduce via sexual reproduction, with females carrying eggs beneath their abdomen until hatching into planktonic larvae.

Other Species