Red Rock Crab

Red Rock Crab

Cancer productus

Physical Description

The Red Rock Crab, Cancer productus, is a large crab, typically measuring 16 cm across. Adults exhibit a reddish-brown to yellowish-white coloration, while juveniles vary, showing colors ranging from white to stripes of red and white or brown and white, with patchy red or even bluish hues. The frontal area between the eyes features five equal teeth on the anterior edge, and the claws are usually tipped with black.

Habitat and Geographical Range

Moderately common along the eastern Pacific coast, Red Rock Crabs are typically found in rocky substrate environments, under rocks and in crevices. They inhabit more protected waters but are also present in kelp forests.

What They Eat and How They Breed

Red Rock Crabs are predators, feeding on hard-shelled prey such as barnacles, snails, and clams. They also scavenge for food. They reproduce sexually, with females carrying fertilized eggs until hatching into planktonic larvae.

Physical Threat to Humans

Red Rock Crabs do not pose a significant physical threat to humans. However, they may pinch if handled, so caution should be exercised when encountering them.

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