Kelp Crab

Kelp Crab

Pugettia producta

Physical Description

The Kelp Crab, Pugettia producta, has a smooth and broad carapace measuring 8-9 cm across. It features pointed lateral teeth that curve forward, with the edge of the carapace between the teeth straight. Its coloration ranges from kelp brown to dark maroon. While juveniles may occasionally decorate their rostrum, adults are devoid of decoration.

Habitat and Geographical Range

Common along the eastern Pacific coast, Kelp Crabs inhabit the canopy of giant kelp forests and are also found on wharf pilings. Juveniles can be found in the low intertidal zone on rocky shores.

What They Eat and How They Breed

Kelp Crabs primarily feed on algae and detritus, utilizing their sharp claws to tear apart their food. They reproduce sexually, with females carrying fertilized eggs until hatching into planktonic larvae.

Physical Threat to Humans

Kelp Crabs do not pose a physical threat to humans. However, they may use their claws for defense if handled, so it’s advisable to avoid provoking them.

Other Species