Black-and-Yellow Rockfish

Black and Yellow Rockfish

Sebastes chrysomelas

Physical Description

The Black and Yellow Rockfish, also known as Sebastes chrysomelas, typically measures between 20 to 39 centimeters in length. Its most distinguishing feature is its striking coloration, characterized by conspicuous black and yellow markings across its body. A notable irregular clear area runs along the posterior two-thirds of its lateral line, adding to its distinctive appearance.


This species of rockfish is commonly found in shallower depths along the eastern Pacific coast. It prefers demersal habitats, often perching in crevices or on rocks. Solitary and territorial in nature, it establishes its presence within its chosen habitat and may defend its territory from intruders.

Geographical Range

The Black and Yellow Rockfish inhabits coastal waters stretching from Cape Blanco in Oregon to Baja California. Within this range, it occupies rocky habitats and coastal areas where it can find suitable shelter and hunting grounds. While it is common within its range, its distribution is limited to the eastern Pacific coast.

What They Eat

As a carnivorous species, the Black and Yellow Rockfish feeds on a variety of small prey items including crustaceans, mollusks, and small fishes. It employs ambush tactics to capture its prey, utilizing its sharp teeth and agile movements to secure its meals within its rocky habitat.

Other Species