Copper Rockfish

Copper Rockfish

Sebastes caurinus

Physical Description

The Copper Rockfish, scientifically known as Sebastes caurinus, boasts a deep-bodied stature, ranging from 30 to 66 centimeters in length. Its distinctive appearance is characterized by golden brown and cream markings, accentuated by a sharp-edged rectangular clear area along the posterior two-thirds of its lateral line. Notably, a horizontal pale yellow bar sits behind its eye, adding to its striking features.


Preferring the deeper realms at the outer edges of kelp forests, the Copper Rockfish is moderately common along the eastern Pacific coast. It navigates the intricate underwater landscapes with ease, utilizing its keen sense of environment to thrive amidst the diverse marine ecosystems.

Geographical Range

From the coastal waters of British Columbia to the southern reaches of California, the Copper Rockfish inhabits a significant portion of the eastern Pacific coast. Within this expansive range, it finds suitable habitats in the temperate waters where it can fulfill its ecological niche.

What They Eat

Copper Rockfish are skilled predators, preying upon a variety of smaller fishes, crustaceans, and zooplankton found within their habitat. Their diet reflects the rich biodiversity of the marine ecosystems they inhabit, contributing to the delicate balance of the underwater food web.

Other Species