Monkeyface Eel

Monkeyface Eel

Cebidichthys violaceus

Physical Description

The Monkeyface Eel, growing up to 70 centimeters, showcases hues of black, gray, or olive, accentuated by dark lines emanating from its eyes. It bears a distinctive lumpy ridge on its forehead and features spines along the anterior half of its dorsal fin.


Thriving in coastal habitats, Monkeyface Eels are moderately common denizens of the mid-intertidal zone, though they are less prevalent in subtidal areas. They possess the unique ability to breathe air and can survive out of water for up to 35 hours.

Geographical Range

From the shores of southern Oregon to the coastal waters of Baja, Monkeyface Eels navigate the rocky landscapes and diverse marine environments of the eastern Pacific coast.

What They Eat

Feeding primarily on red and green algae, Monkeyface Eels play a crucial role in marine ecosystems, contributing to the balance of coastal biodiversity.

Other Species