Oxyjulis californica

Physical Description

The Senorita (Oxyjulis californica) is an elongated fusiform fish, typically reaching lengths of up to 29 centimeters, although smaller specimens are common in Monterey. It features a sharp snout and a small mouth, with its dorsal side ranging from brown to orange-yellow, while its ventral side is light. A distinguishing characteristic is the dark spot at the base of its tail.


Abundant in groups, the Senorita prefers the upper water column near the canopy of kelp forests. It exhibits a unique behavior of burying itself in the sand at sunset and emerging at dawn.

Geographical Range

From the northern reaches of California down to central Baja, the Senorita populates the coastal waters of the eastern Pacific, particularly thriving in areas with abundant kelp forests.

What They Eat

Feeding primarily on zooplankton and small invertebrates found on kelp, the Senorita also exhibits facultative cleaning behavior, especially in regions farther south.

Other Species