Girella nigricans

Physical Description

The Opaleye, ranging from 20 to 50 centimeters, boasts a deep-bodied frame resembling that of a surfperch, distinguished by its blunt head. Its coloration varies from dark gray-green to olive green, often adorned with 1-3 white spots at the base of the dorsal fin. Notably, its square-cut tail sets it apart, while its bright blue to blue-green eyes add a striking contrast.


Found in rocky areas, particularly in shallow waters along the Monterey region, Opaleyes are moderately common inhabitants of the coastal ecosystems. They navigate these habitats with ease, adapting to various underwater terrains.

Geographical Range

From the shores of Oregon to the coastal waters of Baja, Opaleyes thrive in the diverse marine environments of the eastern Pacific coast. They are most abundant south of Point Conception.

What They Eat

Opaleyes primarily feed on algae, contributing to the intricate balance of marine ecosystems. Additionally, they consume a variety of invertebrates, showcasing their adaptability to different dietary sources.

Other Species