Crevice Kelpfish

Crevice Kelpfish

Gibbonsia montereyensis

Physical Description

The Crevice Kelpfish, ranging from 11 to 24 centimeters, exhibits an elongated body adorned with a prominent dorsal fin, tapering snout, and small mouth. Its coloration adapts to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, often displaying hues of tan, brown, red, green, and white markings.


Frequenting rocky areas adorned with dense algal cover, the Crevice Kelpfish thrives amidst coastal crevices and rocky outcrops along the eastern Pacific coast.

Geographical Range

From British Columbia to Baja California, these adept camouflage artists are found along the entire western North American coastline.

What They Eat

Feeding opportunistically on small crustaceans, mollusks, and other benthic invertebrates, the Crevice Kelpfish sustains itself within its rocky habitat.

Other Species