Painted Greenling

Painted Greenling

Oxylebius pictus

Physical Description

The Painted Greenling (Oxylebius pictus), measuring between 15 to 25 centimeters, is characterized by 5-7 distinctive red-brown vertical bars along its body. It possesses a single lateral line and features a pointed snout with a small mouth, suited for its benthic lifestyle.


Commonly found in rocky areas along the eastern Pacific coast, the Painted Greenling thrives in the diverse underwater landscapes, utilizing its adaptations to navigate and dwell among the rocks.

Geographical Range

From the chilly waters of Alaska down to the coastal regions of Baja, the Painted Greenling inhabits a vast stretch of the eastern Pacific coast, showcasing its adaptability to varying marine environments.

What They Eat

The diet of the Painted Greenling consists of typical benthic fare, including small crustaceans, mollusks, and other marine invertebrates. Its feeding habits contribute to the ecological balance of its habitat.

Other Species