Orange Puffball Sponge

Orange Puffball Sponge

Tethya californiana

Physical Description

The Orange Puffball Sponge, with its distinctive appearance, features a globular shape measuring approximately 6-8 cm in diameter. Its coloration ranges from orange to dark yellow, and its surface texture is textured, giving it a spongy appearance. Oscula, the sponge’s excurrent pores, are flush with the surface and not easily conspicuous.


Abundant on rock surfaces within kelp forests, the Orange Puffball Sponge thrives in the dynamic marine environments along the eastern Pacific coast. Its presence contributes to the biodiversity of these ecosystems, providing habitat and food for various marine organisms.

Geographical Range

The Orange Puffball Sponge is distributed along the coastal waters from British Columbia, Canada, to Baja California, Mexico. Its wide geographical range reflects its adaptability to diverse environmental conditions found throughout this region.


As a filter feeder, the Orange Puffball Sponge actively pumps water through its body, extracting microscopic organisms and organic particles suspended in the seawater. Through this feeding process, it plays a vital role in maintaining water quality and nutrient cycling within its habitat.

Other Species