twin-sailed salp

Twin-Sailed Salp

Thetys vagina

Physical Description

The Twin-Sailed Salp, scientifically known as Thetys vagina, is a translucent, gelatinous marine organism characterized by its barrel-shaped body and two distinct, sail-like structures. Typically measuring several centimeters in length, these graceful creatures navigate the ocean currents with ease.


Found in the pelagic zones of the eastern Pacific coast, the Twin-Sailed Salp is well-adapted to the open ocean environment. They inhabit surface waters where they can efficiently feed on planktonic organisms and drift along with the currents.

Geographical Range

The Twin-Sailed Salp can be encountered across the eastern Pacific, from the frigid waters of Alaska to the warmer regions near the equator. Their distribution spans a vast area of the ocean, reflecting their ability to thrive in diverse marine habitats.

What They Eat

As filter feeders, Twin-Sailed Salps primarily consume phytoplankton and other small suspended particles present in the water column. By pumping water through their bodies, they capture microscopic prey using specialized filtering structures.

Other Species