Warty Sea Cucumber

Warty Sea Cucumber

Apostichopus parvimensis

Physical Description

The Warty Sea Cucumber, also known as Apostichopus parvimensis, is a sizable marine organism typically measuring between 25 to 30 centimeters in length. Its body exhibits an orange-brown hue adorned with numerous small black-tipped papillae interspersed with large fleshy conical spines. Notably, its tube feet are concentrated on the ventral surface, aiding in locomotion and feeding activities.


This species is commonly found inhabiting rocky substrates at depths characteristic of kelp forest ecosystems along the eastern Pacific coast. It thrives in environments with adequate organic detritus, where it can effectively feed and sustain itself.

Geographical Range

The Warty Sea Cucumber’s range extends from central California to Baja California along the eastern Pacific coast. Within this geographical area, it occupies specific niches within the marine ecosystem, contributing to the biodiversity of coastal habitats.

What They Eat

Feeding primarily on organic detritus, the Warty Sea Cucumber plays a vital role in nutrient recycling within its ecosystem. It sifts through sediments and consumes decaying organic matter, contributing to the overall health of its habitat.

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