Peppered sea cucumber

Peppered Sea Cucumber

Cucumaria piperata

Physical Description

The Peppered Sea Cucumber is a white or cream-colored marine species adorned with distinctive black speckles. Typically reaching lengths of up to 10 cm (though often smaller in Monterey), it features retractile tube feet arranged in five double rows along the length of its body. Surrounding its mouth are ten equal-sized tentacles.


Moderately common but often inconspicuous, Peppered Sea Cucumbers are typically found nestled in crevices or under algae on rocky substrates in shallow subtidal zones. Their preference for such habitats offers them protection while also providing access to food sources.

Geographical Range

The Peppered Sea Cucumber inhabits the coastal waters along the eastern Pacific, ranging from Queen Charlotte Islands in Canada to Baja California in Mexico. Its presence contributes to the biodiversity of marine ecosystems along this extensive stretch of coastline.


As detritivores, Peppered Sea Cucumbers play a crucial role in marine ecosystems by consuming organic matter and other debris present in their environment. They ingest sediment and other detritus, extracting organic particles and nutrients while expelling processed material.

Physical Threat to Humans

Peppered Sea Cucumbers pose no physical threat to humans. While they may be encountered by divers or beachcombers exploring rocky shores, they are harmless and typically go about their activities without interacting with humans.

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